Working on intellectual outputs: IO1 and IO2

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The time before Christmas was very busy and productive!

The Polish, Greek and Turkish partners managed to agree on the structure of the practical handbook for students on “How to learn creatively,” and produced the draft of the content in the English language. The topics covered are as follows: the power of mind, memory training, techniques and tools to support creativity, how to organize a friendly space for work and study at home and art of rest. Each partner is responsible for particular sections of the handbook.

All the project partners (two from Poland, one from Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Turkey) have been involved in creating the content to the intellectual output IO2, which is a practical handbook for secondary school teachers on “How to teach creatively.” It has been really fun exploring such areas as art, music, drama and storytelling and use them in the didactic process in order to develop one of the most important XXI century competence – creativity and make the learning process more effective.

The Polish partners are preparing to welcome all the project partners in Poland in the first half of February 2022.

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