Intellectual Output IO1 is READY!


In December 2022 we finished working on the first intellectual output – a practical handbook for secondary school students “HOW TO LEARN CREATIVELY”!

Our textbook and its activities allow you to gain knowledge with many senses: listen to podcasts, watch lectures and photographs, touch art with your body and soul and feel nature. On the following pages you will find: interesting titbits, amazing challenges, attractive videos, interesting tips, infographics, checklists, worksheets, charts and much more.


  • you will learn applications to help you remember and organize your space and time,
  • increase your ability to creatively solve everyday problems,
  • you will learn to look at problems from different perspectives,
  • more effectively and quickly remember what is important to you,
  • create your own game,
  • you will learn how to effectively plan your study, work and free time,
  • create your own space to work and study,
  • get to know myths about memory, brain and learning,
  • ree your mind from stereotypes,
  • learn the art of note taking and planning,
  • creating checklists and “to do” lists will become your daily routine,
  • you will learn to think critically and projectively,
  • learn the traps of the mind,
  • write your own poem,

In addition, you will learn:

  • why you should eat nuts and shrimp,
  • what the seahorse is doing in your head,
  • whether you’re easily swayed by suggestion,
  • why we forget,
  • whether hypnosis can help you recover your memories,
  • whether it’s possible to live without stress.

We wish you an enjoyable and rewarding journey!

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