Intellectual Output 1

Intellectual Output 1  How to learn creatively?

Descriription & Aims:

The handbook will consist of the following parts:

– how does our / your brain work? // Warming up – the power of your mind

– how does memory work? how to improve it? // Challenge 1 – memory training

– how to learn learning styles (with tests to determine whether the student is a visual learner, auditory learner, etc.) with practical tips on how to organize learning so that it is effective //

Challenge 2 – learn more effectively

– how to develop creativity? techniques and tools to support creativity (mind maps) // Challenge 3 – more creativity

– how to organize a friendly space for work and study at home // Challenge 4 – the potential of space/space that fosters creativity

– how to think creatively?

– art and creativity

– learning tips

– the art of rest / regeneration of the mind (concentration techniques, time management, the ability to take care of hygiene at work, effective rest) // After the challenges, it’s time to relax

Activities &Methodology

1. Analysis of a variety of documents in order to gather preliminary data necessary for further works. Gathering data.

2. Content preparation

3. Graphic design, final version of the document, composition

4. Cross-reffering, testing.

5. Translation into national languages.

Intellectual Output 1