Intellectual Output 3

Intellectual Output 3  How to create creative space?

Descriription & Aims:

The design of a classroom and school setting plays an important part in achieving this while also having a direct impact on the learning productivity and success of students. School

space plays an inspirational role in education. To maximize learning potential, classrooms should be open, comfortable, well lit, and visually stimulating. The idea of students being

seated at desks working in rows is a thing of the past. Classrooms today should accommodate for all types of learners.

The output will include:

1. Theoretical introduction with useful tips

2. Recommendations

3. Presentation of good practices (graphics, photos).

Activities & Methodology:

Workshop with students and teachers (preparing scenarios, deepen need analysis)

2. Theoretical introduction with useful tips

3. Collecting recommendations.

4. Collecting good practices graphics and photos.

5. Graphic design, final version of the document, composition.

6. Cross-reffering, testing.

7. Translation into national languages

Intellectual Output 3