Intellectual Output 2

Intellectual Output 2  How to teach creatively?

Descriription & Aims:

The handbook will consist of the following parts:

1. Theoretical introduction: the power of creative thinking, researchers about creativity.

2. Tips for teachers:

– how to understand creativity in education?

We understand creativity as the key to changing the theory of behavioral learning (dominant in some school systems of education – e.g. Polish or Portuguese) based on the transmission of knowledge, student’s passive attitude, reproduction, low level of creative thinking, no reference to experiences), to the cognitive theory (perceiving learning as an internal process), knowledge processing (combining experiences, with the active role of the student who learns how to learn) and constructivist.

Activities & Methodology:

1. Analysis of a variety of documents in order to gather preliminary data necessary for further works. Gathering data.

2. Content preparation

3. Graphic design, final version of the document, composition

4. Cross-reffering, testing.

5. Translation into national languages

Intellectual Output 2